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Ghost Stories YYC is a visual storytelling group art show and publication. Artists who are a part of the project will create work based on a folk tale, urban legend or ghost story of their choosing. It can be an original tale, or one inspired by the countless stories we all share around campfires. If you're a returning artist from previous volumes, maybe you'll even continue a story you started last year. In addition, instead of an artist statement, each of the creators will instead write a short story based on their work.

Volume 3 will continue the tradition, where all work is professionally photographed, and along with your story, will be included in a gallery exhibition. The show is slated for October 13 until November TBD at the Ruberto Ostberg Gallery in Calgary Alberta, Canada, where all the original artwork is for sale with a standard gallery commission. In addition it will be a part of a publication, Ghost Stories YYC Volume 3, a storybook which can be taken home to be read to friends and loved ones.

Interested in the final product? You can download the first 20 pages of Volume 1 here.



With Ghost Stories YYC, we are building a community of artists and creators. In addition to a private Facebook group where we can all meet and correspond with each other, you can take part in optional group meet ups, special figure drawing and art making sessions, as well as story sharing groups and writing workshops around a fire pit. We're striving to bring together a welcoming and warm community of artists in order to create long lasting connections outside of the Ghost Stories YYC project.

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