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The following images are an example that showcases exactly what must be included in your application.

  • A well written, grammatically correct 150-300 story proposal. 

  • A current CV or Resume 

  • At least 5 high resolution images showcasing your best work. These must be at least 1920px in width.

A single PDF containing the proposal, CV and images is the preferred format. However, all formats and documents are accepted.


You are welcome to base your story on a beloved ghost story, folk tale or urban legend, or you can spin a completely original tale. However, the final product must be an original story and not a simple retelling of the tale, or the summary of a wikipedia page. We want viewers to be engaged and entertained. Think of this story pitch like the blurb on the back of a book - sell us your story!

Ghost Stories YYC_ Sample Submission.jpg


Ghost Stories - John G Doe - CV.jpg


Paths of Our Uncahaining - 57x70in.jpg

Here we have provided a single image that meets the criteria of acceptable size and resolution for your portfolio samples. We require at least 5 examples of your work. Please note that all mediums are acceptable, including sculpture, photography, illustration, or any that might not be listed here. 

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